Friday, November 21, 2008


To the one in my life who keeps me
in her sight.
I always pray I do my job and
raise you right.
so when you cry or when you whine
i can't forget you need my time.
i will tell you to behave, i will say
have no fear. Please don't forget
GOD is always near.
I've never known how much love
one needs.
and when i see you love knocks me
to my knees.
i love your face so soft and kind.
always remember you are


I have come to a crossroads, which way should
I go.
i have planned each step, but now iI don't know.
I look to the left, i look to the right. i look for the answer
it's nowhere in sight.
if i choose the wrong path what will i do?
so i get on my knees and seek the answer
from you.
i will take your hand, you will be my guide, for
i can do anything with you by my side.
so show me the way and i will surely go.
and your paitence and love i will forever
and i will never forget the grace you always show
the next time i come to another CROSSROAD.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

raising cinderella

The day she is born you never know that one day she will
turn to ribbons and bows.
She has the crown, she has the stance. Pretty soon it's
time to dance.
She enters the room with make-up on and a gown the color yella,
wanting you to dance with cinderella.
She has all the moves she has seen in shows, from the waves, and bows,
to the high heel shows.
One day you will look back at these times or look at the pictures
covered with dust and grim.
of a girl with a crown and a dress the color yella, and remember
how fun it was raising Cinderella.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


When we are alone and afraid to try, just kneel down
and look to the sky.
because the answers we seek are always close by.
We may get tired of fighting the good fight, we must never
forget we are in GOD'S sight.
The road is long, and his light may grow dim,
just be strong and put your faith in him.
We will stumble at times we will fail, but for our sins
JESUS went through the worst kind of hell.
GOD will test us there is no doubt. That's why he sends
his angel's to help us out.